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  • Floor Tool Long Elbow 32mm

  • £7.93

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  • Description

    Main Combination Vacuum Floor Tool For Numatic Vacuum Cleaner.

    32mm Nozzle With Long Elbow Works Well On Hard Floors And Carpets.

    Fits Models: Basil NB200, Henry Plus HVR200P, NQS3, Charles CVC370, Henry Turbo, HVR200T, NRV200, NVQ200, CT370, Henry Turbocare, VR204T, NRV200-22, NVQ250, CT470, Henry XTRA HVX200, NRV370, NVQ370, Edward EVR370, Hetty HET200-22, NRV380, NVQ380, George GVE370, HVC200, NV250, NVQ382, Harry HHR200A, HVX200-22, NV350, RSV130, Henry HVR200, James JVP180, NVH200-2, RSV200, Henry HVR200-22, MFQ370, NVP180, XV370, Henry Micro HVR200M, NQS250, NVP200.

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