Firstly, it is worth mentioning that no company in the world has developed a specific disinfectant for COVID-19 virus however the product we use is a Bacsan to the appropriate concentration which is highly effective against all known virus families.

Bascan has many known advantages over bleach and is more effective against a very wide range of micro-organisms. Bacsan is highly effective sanitising agent that is approved and used widely within the NHS. Our treatments kill all present viruses. There are no products on the market that provide a protective barrier against further outbreaks and our treatments are purely to eliminate the immediate threat.

We apply using electrostatic sprayers; They are designed to save time/labour, spray less liquid, and cover more surface area. The sprayer provides an electrical charge to the solution allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage by delivering a fine mist.

The treated areas are dry within one hour and much quicker on soft surfaces. By the nature of the application you may notice a small amount of residual matter which is more noticeable on dark surfaces and glass, this residual is completely safe and non-hazardous – it can be easily removed with most household cleaning products.

With any suspected outbreak the decision to close the property/business is extremely difficult. However, to prevent the further spread of infection it is advisable to do so. Best practice should be applied, and we recommend having as much of the building treated as reasonably and practically possible; it’s unlikely the individual(s) movements where tracked or traceable so identifying the contaminated areas is extremely difficult.

Whilst the products we use are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to human health, it is vital that the areas to be treated are unoccupied; in order to mitigate any further risks during the treatment.

The type of contamination will define how we clean and treat the affected areas, but the process will include the following steps:
Speed is key in these cases. A team can be allocated to your site asap once we receive the request.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) our trained operatives will firstly ensure that they themselves are fully protected
Isolate and Seal (if internal), any affected area will be sealed off with no access to any persons. (in some cases, this may be the whole building).
Removal of Waste the team will remove the excess fluid and seal in clinical waste sacks. Once the excess fluid is removed the area will be treated with a medical grade disinfectant which will eliminate the bacteria and viruses. As licensed waste carriers we are trained to handle and dispose of the hazardous waste. Paperwork can be supplied.
Completion once our team have treated all affected areas, you will be able to return to your office within 3-4 hours – this is dependent on the size of office/site.