Modular Soap Dispenser 900ml MOD02

The standard size 900ml soap dispenser for a catering or washroom hand cleaning solution




Designed with ease of use in mind this easy to use push to dispense refillable soap dispenser ticks all the boxes, its made from touch durable injection moulded plastic and has an intuitive push fascia which dispenses the soap directly into the hands of the end user.

Holds 900ml of soap to dispense at a moments notice, complete with a unique tear drop viewing window you can see exactly when its time to refill the soap dispenser.

This plastic soap dispenser is ideal for institutional, commercial or light industrial applications.

Once you have installed the soap dispenser its a good idea to run a bit of water through first to rid of any dust that has accumulated, once finished add your liquid hand soap and give the dispenser a few pumps to get the soap coming through, once its through its fine to be left.

Please note though that if the soap runs out completely before it is refilled you will need to “pump” a few times to get the soap going once again, its also advisable to clean the soap nozzle every few days just to stop any soap accumulating under the nozzle and creating a blockage.