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selden selbrite

Selden A005 Selbrite – 5Ltr

Metallised polish for extreme strength and durability coupled with ease of removability. Produces a deep shine with excellent slip resistance without burnishing

A014 Selden Diamond Brite

Selden A014 Diamond Brite 5Ltr

An easy to apply floor polish with a wet look finish. Requires low maintenance, prolongs life of flooring and provides maximum scuff resistance. No burnishing

Selden Fast Lane B012

Selden B012 Fastlane 5Ltr

A polish maintainer for linoleum, PVC, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.

Selden minit gloss B027

Selden B027 Mint Gloss 5Ltr

Minit Gloss is a concentrated clean and buff floor polish, suitable for use with high speed buffing machines, alternatively it can be mopped on

Selden Selstrip F001

Selden F001 Selstrip 5Ltr

Use Selstrip to strip emulsion polish from linoleum, rubber, sealed wood, terrazzo and thermoplastic floors.

selden selpen s f005

Selden F005 Selpen S 5Ltr

Removes wax build-up from floors. Engine and Industrial plant cleaner. Removes tar and bitumen easily.

selden selscale h006

Selden H006 Selscale 5Ltr

Selscale removes plaster and cement splashes making it ideal for initial cleaning. It also cleans and etches concrete floors.